Full steam ahead. Since 1865!

Messestand der Remscheider Bohrer-Fabrik
von 1924

At our premises there is a historic photograph on the wall, showing 60 employees sitting in front of an old factory „Remscheider Bohrer Fabrik Friedr. Aug. Mühlhoff“. This photograph dates from 1912. By then, the FAMAG manufactory of tools was already almost 50 years old. According to our records, the Remscheid drillsmith Friedrich August Mühlhoff founded the “Remscheider Bohrer-Fabrik Fried. Aug. Mühlhoff" in 1865. Even his father, a drillsmith himself, had his own drilling manufactory since 1837. As the picture clearly shows, auger bits, gimlet and spoon auger bits for carpenters, joiners and wheelwrights were produced. In those days a factory-owned steam engine powered the machines, grinding stones and drop hammers. At peak periods six drop hammers driven by transmission belts were forging drills. During the difficult post-war period it was good that the steam engine had not been disposed of by the time the factory was converted to electricity, because in case of electrical power outage, production could go on literally “under full steam”. Over the years, the production range expanded to include drills for wood, metal, stone as well as soil augers and several specialized tools. Further former records reveal that back then, it was already very important to the workpeople to produce tools characterised especially by a long operating lifetime: quality tools!

Do you know the meaning behind the name “FAMAG”? A long time ago, the company was structured as a German AG (PLC). For that reason, the initials of Friedrich August Mühlhoff (F.A.M.), its founder, were combined with the company´s corporate form and so the name “FAMAG” was born. At the end of the last century the company was officially called “FAMAG-Werkzeugfabrik Friedrich-August-Mühlhoff”. With the beginning of the new millennium the last member of the Mühlhoff family left so we dropped the addition “Friedrich-August-Mühlhoff” and today we trade under the name “FAMAG Werkzeugfabrik”.

Our production facility is situated in the centre of the country of Berg, a territory of the Duchy of Berg who gave the region its name. This area is also known as the cradle of the German tool industry because tools have been traditionally manufactured here for many centuries. However this industrial landscape has drastically changed especially over the last decade. Those, who still have an “iron in the fire” today, continuously have adjusted the production according to market changes over the years. On the one hand this requires in-depth knowledge of market needs along with customer demands and on the other hand a consistent modernisation of the production process. Today FAMAG has the most modern CNC machines and the latest robotic technology in use. Our highly qualified professionals apply themselves to the setting up and operating of machinery and pursuing quality assurance on a daily basis.


Benchmark. Set!

The production and development of our tools is in line with the needs and requirements of the professional craftsman. We aim to understand the applications of the professional in order to produce tools that fulfil the exact requirements and leave the craftsman with a smile on his face. With our 175 years of experience we produce high-quality tools for the demanding end-user and so forming a friendly relationship. He is not only convinced by the quality “Made in Germany“ but also and especially by the excellent price-performance-ratio of our products.

Our philosophy distinguishes us from the competition and clearly from those who sell cheap Chinese imports. For more than 100 years we stand by the consistant quality of our woodworking tools that are produced at our factory in Remscheid.


Offer. Optimal!

The current delivery program contains a broad range of drilling and milling tools for all areas of woodworking and plastics processing as well as for metal, stone, concrete and other materials. Our tools are used by professional craftsmen, industry and also many do-it-yourself-amateurs. Our manufacturing program focuses on wood drills with over 3,500 products in this particular area. Hence we surely provide one of the widest product ranges for craftsmen there is.

Many of our products have unique characteristics and are protected through patents – some even worldwide. For example: carbide Bormax³, the all-rounder for all-rounder’s, Bormax® Forstner Bit, traditional Forstner bits and modern carbide-tipped boring bits as well as wood twist drills with special twists, etc.

We are a little bit proud of an incident that took place a few years ago: We received an email from the U.S.A., congratulating us for winning the first prize!? Quickly we found out, that the magazine “Fine Woodworking” carried out a worldwide test comparing Forstner bits of all common brands. FAMAGs´”SUPER-Fostnerbohrer Classic“, series 1630 received the award “Best overall”. So the characteristic for superb quality “Made in Germany” is still valid today! Our homepage www.famag.com provides you with further details concerning the test and its results.

As an experienced manufacturer and specialist with a long tradition and a philosophy that is committed to customer needs and high quality demands, we complete our product range with the production of custom-made tools manufactured to meet individual needs.


Trade. Fair!

Our products are distributed under the registered trademark „Famag für Besserbohrer“ (Famag for a better drilling) and solely sold by specialised dealers in Germany and abroad. In Germany our dealers are attended by 13 sales representatives. In 2007 we were awarded second prize as “Partner des Fachhandels 2007” (partner of specialised trade 2007) from the “Zentralverband des Hartwarenhandels e. V.”, the central association of hard goods trade. In other European countries we further developed and expanded successfully the FAMAG network of representatives over the past years. In some countries our products are even sold exclusively to specialised dealers, e.g. in Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. Additional sales representations are either in preparation or wanted.


Knowledge. Shared!

We know how to produce a dependable, high-quality standard product as well as to manufacture an excellent custom-made product, but what trade and consumers really appreciate even more, is our friendly and competent customer service. As a FAMAG-customer, you know that we are always ready to listen to you! We are immediately available on the phone ready to take care of your questions, whether you need information on availability or price of products, on a specific product application or the current delivery status of your order. Usually orders leave our premises the next day – often even the same day – to be available as soon as possible.

“Laughing against all odds” that's what you call a sense of humour. And know-how means that you know how to do it right. You are facing a special application task, yet hesitating which tool you can be successful with? Our experts know what softwood is, are familiar with the most important European as well as exotic hard wood and have a profound knowledge of the appropriate tools to work with. Due to this thorough expertise, they can help you to make the right decision concerning your specific task leading to a desired result. Although our specialists are not 150 years old yet, you can rely on their professional knowledge which is always at your disposal!

We pass this almost 175-year old know-how on to our apprentices. We feel obliged to young people to give them a professional education for their future. To start an apprenticeship at the FAMAG-Werkzeugfabrik means to take over tasks independently and under personal responsibility – from the very first day! So please do not be surprised, when every now and then a really young person answers the phone.

If you are looking for a certain FAMAG tool, you will find it in good specialised trade outlets. We are very pleased to recommend a local dealer to you!