Innovation with tradition
In 1889, Max BESSEY founded the company BESSEY & Sohn in Stuttgart as a bright steel drawing plant. Since then, the company has continuously expanded the range of products it offers. It was this spirit that led BESSEY to begin production of manual clamping tools in the mid-1930s. Since then, the strength of its innovation has been underlined by the granting of numerous patents. In 1979, with the takeover of Diener Werkzeugfabrik GmbH, a company rich in tradition, BESSEY established its cutting technology unit with the already popular Erdi snips.
In 2004 BESSEY & Sohn was spun into BESSEY Tool GmbH & Co. KG, handling the clamping and cutting technology areas, and BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH, a leading German producer-independent and industryindependent supplier of high-quality bright and stainless steels. This unique positioning of BESSEY as a producer of tools and precision steels ensures significant advantages in terms of quality. It allows BESSEY Tool to procure its rails and spindles directly from the BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH, giving it precise knowledge of the steel quality that is going into particular components which are subjected to particular high stresses. This is because bright steels are produced and tested at BESSEY Precision Steel with consistently high quality and the utmost precision, in cutting-edge facilities.
“To stop improving is to stop being good.” The motto of company founder Max Bessey remains true today, as it will in the future, and is the guiding principle to everything that the company does.
BESSEY. Simply better.
With BESSEY ...
... you are placing your trust in quality
Precision and long life are at the core of the BESSEY brand‘s quality. The tools have traditionally been manufactured from the highest-grade materials. Thus, the steel for the manufacturing of rails and spindles, for example, comes directly from BESSEY Präzisionsstahl GmbH. In addition, all components are tested by experienced technicians and development engineers using ultramodern process control techniques.
... you are placing your trust in innovation
“To stop improving is to stop being good.” The motto of company founder Max Bessey remains true today and is the guiding principle to everything that the company does. New products and improvements thus continue to be developed on a long-term basis from innovative ideas, making the operator‘s work easier. The focus is on convenience and safety. User-friendly operation and ergonomics represent the highest benchmark.
... you are placing your trust in variety
Thanks to the designers‘ many years of experience and to continuous communication with customers,BESSEY has a strong awareness of problem-solving. The result is clamping and cutting tools true to our guiding principle: “BESSEY. Simply better.” With over 1,600 products, BESSEY now offers a tremendously wide and deep range of items customised to special requirements.
... you are placing your trust in service
Reliability, confidence and sense of responsibility are the backbone of our partnership with the environment and customers. BESSEY has distinguished itself as an extremely service-oriented and futuristic company. We are also supporting our trading partners, for instance, with comprehensive product training programs. This is clearly a complete partnership.